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100 Things Rachel Z. Hates

From Rachel

1.    “Global warming”
2.    3 A’s – Abuse, Addiction, and Adultery
3.    Airplane low and wide cups with huge ice cubes
4.    Ankle strap shoes
5.    Answering “no that’s not possible” when it really is
6.    Arriving at your destination realizing you forgot something
7.    Automatic flushing toilets
8.    Basketball
9.    Being early to the airport
10.    Being hit on in foreign countries
11.    Being told “shh calm down”
12.    Berries, any and all
13.    Blisters the develop from a cute new pair of shoes
14.    Burnt popcorn
15.    Buying batteries
16.    Buying gas
17.    Car maintenance
18.    Case-based classes
19.    Catholic incense
20.    Cheap and/or ill-fitting clothes
21.    Coconuts and coconut scented lotion used by people next to me at church
22.    Crest with scope
23.    Dasani water
24.    Day care
25.    Deciding what’s for dinner
26.    Devotional campus shut down
27.    Dirty kitchen floors
28.    Disorganization and clutter
29.    Divorce, and its impact on children and extended families
30.    Dramatic/overly emotional girls
31.    Driving my car before the heater turns on
32.    Everything/everyone “going green” as though they really care
33.    Facebook pokes
34.    Falling short of expectations
35.    Feeling like I haven’t magnified my calling enough
36.    Feminists
37.    Forgetting to scan my coupons at the checkout counter
38.    Getting lost
39.    Girls with tank tops/tube tops/exposed shoulders – I promise it doesn’t look hot
40.    Girls with underwear lines
41.    Girls without real majors
42.    Guilt from skipping the gym for one day
43.    Guys with white sunglasses
44.    Handling raw chicken
45.    Hang nails and paper cuts
46.    Heartache
47.    Job interviews
48.    Keys-still-in-the-ignition warning bell
49.    Leaving Costco without a churro
50.    Lifted trucks
51.    Loneliness
52.    Losing jewelry
53.    Making big life decisions alone
54.    Making lists of things I hate
55.    Manicures
56.    Mexico
57.    Middle back seat of small cars
58.    Mile 19 of every marathon I’ve run
59.    Milk
60.    Missing flights
61.    Missing movie previews
62.    Morning breath
63.    My mysterious and recurring stomach pain
64.    Non-crispy bacon
65.    Not being able to find a parking spot at school or church
66.    Over ripe bananas
67.    Paying for haircuts you end up hating
68.    People always asking “why are you dressed up today?”
69.    People touching my face
70.    People who don’t watch TV and want you to know
71.    People who never give others the benefit of the doubt
72.    Polygamy in the eternities
73.    Pretending it’s normal and ok for politicians to cheat on their wives
74.    Pushy Victoria’s Secret salesladies
75.    Raiders fans
76.    Red lights in the middle of the night
77.    Red roses
78.    Ritalin for small boys
79.    Roommates who only buy cheap paper towels and toilet paper
80.    Rosie O’Donnell & Whoopi Goldberg
81.    Running out of lotion
82.    Silverware loaded tip-down in the dishwasher
83.    Slutty girls
84.    Soda (any and all)
85.    Speed bumps
86.    Squishy grapes
87.    Stiff necks
88.    Summer sales guys
89.    Sweating
90.    The left leaning bias of the media
91.    The word “panties”
92.    Ticking clocks when I’m trying to sleep
93.    Touching rails and poles in subways/metros
94.    Unabashed moochers
95.    Unloading the dishwasher
96.    Unrequited love
97.    Waiters who say “wow you guys ate fast”
98.    Waking up and finding my blankets on the floor
99.    Waking up before 7 am
100.    Washing dry clean only items, accidentally

(Things I Hate BONUS!)

101.    Watching kids jump on trampolines
102.    Watching TV with commercials
103.    Wives who withhold sex to gain power



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100 Things Shannon Hates

From Shannon –

1. abusers
2. ageists
3. American health insurance
4. anti-Americans
5. bad breath
6. bad smells
7. being out milk
8. being out of ink
9. being sick
10. below 60 degrees (farenheit)
11. big trucks
12. bills
13. bird poop
14. bloody noses
15. BO
16. boring music
17. bruises
18. burning food
19. cleaning a catbox
20. cliffhanger endings
21. cold days
22. commercials
23. dead batteries
24. drool
25. extremists
26. family guy
27. FFA
28. finishing a really good book with no sequel
29. fleas
30. flies
31. gel pens
32. gloaters, braggers, show-offs, etc
33. greasy hair
34. harpsichords
35. headaches
36. horror/slasher films
37. icy streets and sidewalks
38. locks
39. losing things
40. missing out on things
41. mold
42. movies with no character exposition whatsoever
43. movies with no plot
44. new music genre
45. no hot water
46. not being able to think of anything to say
47. not enough electrical outlets
48. nubs, stubs, or any other name for what’s left of limbs
49. pants that are too short
50. patriotism
51. people who are freaky about their cars
52. people who are freaky about their floors
53. people who deface historic, artistic, or otherwise cool things
54. people who leave their cars on when they aren’t in them
55. people who think drugs are awesome
56. people who think anyone who doesn’t use an apple computer is lame
57. PeTA
58. poachers
59. prepared piano
60. racists
61. radio commentators who talk over the music
62. ribbed shirts
63. sanitary napkins (and people who call them that)
64. screaming children
65. screaming in general
66. sexists
67. shirts that are too short
68. skin diseases
69. slipping, tripping, falling, or anything like it
70. slow internet connections
71. slugs
72. smoke
73. snow
74. sore muscles
75. southpark
76. spiders
77. stains
78. static and being shocked
79. stupid speculations
80. super-feminists
81. sweat
82. the fact that newspapers leave ink on your fingers
83. the fact that Pluto is no longer a planet
84. the word/name “Peabody”
85. “these hard economic times”
86. too-fast character expositions in movies made from books
87. too-tight pants
88. “twihards”
89. ugly hairstyles
90. uncooperative hair
91. users
92. vicious rumors
93. vitamins
94. when chapstick wears off too fast
95. when people don’t recycle
96. when people ignore other people
97. when things break
98. winter
99. wiping other people’s tears
100. writer’s block


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100 Things Charles Hates

From Charles –

1.    a dirty house
2.    all other brands of shoes other than Saucony
3.    all social networks
4.    anything else on the radio except music
5.    becoming dumber by the day because of the crowd of idiots i work with
6.    being bipolar and untreated
7.    being bored
8.    being considerate of others feeling
9.    Being lied to
10.    Being made fun of behind my back Just do it to my face you bag full of pricks!
11.    being out of school for so long
12.    being so scatter brain
13.    being spoken to by the “motivational friend” whenever you mess up
14.    being such a music elitest
15.    black comedians who make white people and racism the focus of their standup
16.    california girls
17.    Caring so much and not being cared for
18.    cats that shed
19.    chlorine
20.    commercials on the radio
21.    crumbs
22.    driving behind slow people
23.    dry skin
24.    Duke Blue Devils
25.    dust
26.    facebook
27.    getting pulled over for speeding
28.    hair on my chest, not that i am some sort of bohemeth, but that there is hair there
29.    having crushes on girls that i know are too good for me
30.    having so many ambitions and being so distracted to really focus to complete one before starting another
31.    having to be politically correct
32.    having to get oil changes and brake checks often
33.    Kansas Jayhawks
34.    little dogs that don’t shut up
35.    living so far from LA
36.    mtv
37.    my desk
38.    my inability to stay dedicated to one task at a time
39.    myspace
40.    new metal
41.    not being able to dunk
42.    not going home for Christmas
43.    not going to beach when I live five miles from it
44.    not having cable
45.    not having my friends from home here
46.    not having my guitars here
47.    not having sweet tea at my beckoning and call
48.    not seeing a massage therapist
49.    Ohio State Buckeyes
50.    paying for music
51.    people who do not let you merge off of the on-ramp
52.    people who merge directly into you from the on-ramp
53.    people who talk on the cell phone while driving
54.    prejudice
55.    racist
56.    robert howard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
57.    running out of toilet paper
58.    slowly developing a form of ocd
59.    speed limits
60.    spending money
61.    static electricity
62.    stop signs
63.    stuck up people
64.    Styrofoam
65.    sucking at ping pong
66.    swass-think about it
67.    sweating
68.    Tennessee Vols
69.    that crate & barrel is so $@%& expensive
70.    that i can’t just stop writing this now
71.    that i don’t have a sexy butt
72.    that i have actually commited to listing one hundred things i hate
73.    that i have to change clothes every day
74.    that i have to speak in the third person on facebook
75.    that i want a new ipod, 120gb, and don’t have the fundage
76.    that if i don’t watch how much deodorant i use, i will get a rash
77.    that my 30-gb ipod is full
78.    that my back hurts/aches
79.    that my character has and is still becoming weak since some life changes have happened
80.    that my mouse rolling ball gets stuck sometime
81.    that my new friends move away once i start to get “close” to them
82.    that my old friends from my old band don’t bother to call or talk to me
83.    that no one comes over
84.    that Red Sox did not win the World Series
85.    that the word, ass, showed up in my wordsearch puzzle i made to hang on my wall when i didn’t put it there
86.    that there is no where i know of to hunt
87.    that they don’t just perch and shoot whatever tries to cross the border
88.    the constant gan and loss of weight
89.    the military
90.    the number 3.14…
91.    the smell of rotten barley and oats
92.    the words, “like,” and “uhm”
93.    the Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
94.    thinking some woman is too good for me
95.    this list
96.    UCONN Huskies
97.    USC Trojans
98.    walking so fast all the time
99.    when my pen runs out of ink mid word
100.    when the last hour of work decides to take nearly two weeks to finish


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100 Things Michelle Hates

From Michelle –

1.    “Buckaroo”
2.    “look at my family aren’t we perfect” blogs
3.    “Stylish” people who just look silly
4.    Any car maintenance
5.    Avril Lavigne music
6.    Being cold
7.    Bills
8.    Boys that are interested in me when I’m not interested in them
9.    Boys who don’t get when you’re not interested
10.    Boys who say “Let’s still be friends”
11.    Boys who text on dates
12.    Boys who would rather play video games than socialize with girls
13.    Cat scratches
14.    Cold feet
15.    Commericals
16.    Creepy bus people
17.    Crowded malls
18.    Crowds in general
19.    Dealing with my call center
20.    Dirty kitchens
21.    Emo kids
22.    Facebook ads
23.    Fires
24.    Girls with potty mouths
25.    Having nothing to do all day
26.    Having to enter my time each week
27.    Having to shave frequently
28.    Having to shower daily
29.    Having to wake up to an alarm
30.    How broken down my apartment is
31.    How crappy Facebook chat is
32.    How expensive hair products are
33.    How much my rent is
34.    How small my apartment is
35.    Itchy fabric
36.    KTLA news
37.    Losing my bobby pins
38.    Man-dates
39.    Most of Utah
40.    Most plastic dishes
41.    Motorcycles not because of the bike but because they get to drive through traffic
42.    Movies and TV with totally unrealistic love stories
43.    Mushrooms
44.    Needing oil changes
45.    Never feeling full
46.    Not being able to sleep when I need to
47.    Not getting enough sleep
48.    Old ladies that have plastic surgery
49.    Old people trying to seem hip
50.    Once a week every month
51.    People coughing up stuff
52.    People from upper middle class places that think they’re poor
53.    People going slow in the far left lane
54.    People in California who don’t know how to drive in any sort of weather
55.    People thinking I’m pathetic because I’m single
56.    People who are always on their phones
57.    People who don’t break till the last minute
58.    People who recline their chair on airplanes and then don’t sleep
59.    People who start breaking way too early
60.    People who think it’s fun to push on your bruises
61.    People who try to have cyber sex
62.    People with a sense of entitlement that is undeserved
63.    People with too healthy self-esteems
64.    Rain
65.    Random stuff in driving lanes
66.    Right handed desks
67.    Shredded wheat without the frosting
68.    Smoke from fires
69.    Smug married folk
70.    Sneezing
71.    Spiral notebooks
72.    Spoiled rich kids
73.    Stuffing
74.    Stupid dirty jokes
75.    Stupid Facebook groups
76.    Sunburns
77.    That heels look super cute but hurt my feet
78.    That I’m allergic to Jasmine
79.    That SNL isn’t funny anymore
80.    That you can’t put songs from iTunes onto other MP players
81.    The lack of food in my house
82.    The street I live on
83.    Throwing up
84.    TMJ
85.    Traffic
86.    Ulcers
87.    When I spill my Bare Essential makeup on myself
88.    When i step on my surge protector
89.    When my hair-ties break
90.    When people break for no good reason
91.    When people make sick smelling food in my office
92.    When people touch my radio
93.    When showers get cold
94.    When sweatshirts wear out
95.    When the water doesn’t get warm quick enough
96.    When there is no toilet paper left
97.    When there is nothing to wear
98.    When your on a double date and the two guys break into a different language
99.    X-box
100.    Yelling at people


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100 Things Hillary Hates

From Hillary –

1.    “In memory” groups
2.    allergies
3.    American Idol
4.    Animals
5.    anonymous gifts on Facebook
6.    asthma
7.    awkward comments
8.    being in Utah
9.    bills
10.    bird poop
11.    bugs
12.    busy work
13.    BYU/Utah rivalry
14.    BYUSA
15.    calories
16.    canned green beans
17.    cleaning
18.    cocky RMs who served in Germany
19.    cold
20.    cold showers
21.    combing pinstriped pants with pinstriped shirt
22.    confrontational students
23.    confusing Mormons with FLDS
24.    country songs
25.    death metal
26.    Direct-Buy ads
27.    doing laundry
28.    dollar-euro exchange rate
29.    domestic abuse
30.    driving through northern Nevada
31.    emo/deep/cryptic statuses on Facebook
32.    food poisoning
33.    French
34.    gas futures
35.    Germans who assume that I can’t speak German because I’m American
36.    gold shoes
37.    grading
38.    green patch requests
39.    guys who wear necklaces
40.    having an apartment number
41.    High School Musical
42.    high school romances
43.    Hitler comparisons
44.    homework
45.    how I always get stuff on white shirts
46.    how people glare at me when I don’t stop for the national anthem
47.    ice on my windshield
48.    ice on the sidewalk
49.    inappropriate jokes
50.    jet lag
51.    judgmental people
52.    lame jokes
53.    line out side when it’s cold
54.    long car trips
55.    meetings
56.    mid morning television
57.    Mormon movies- Escape to Zarahemla, honestly?
58.    my ORCA project
59.    myspace
60.    neo-nazis
61.    news in Utah
62.    opening CD cases
63.    overly happy people.  Seriously, mellow out.
64.    people who cross the street at night wearing black
65.    people who cut in line
66.    people who litter
67.    people who think protesting is “un-American”
68.    people who think the earth is hollow
69.    phone calls from creepy guys named “Kelley”
70.    projects
71.    Provo police department
72.    research projects
73.    scraping ice off my windshield
74.    skinny jeans on boys
75.    sleet
76.    snow
77.    spelling
78.    spiders
79.    strange Mormon culture in Utah
80.    students who think they know more about German than I do (it’s 101)
81.    stupid questions
82.    the “people you may know” thing on Facebook
83.    the Disney channel
84.    the fact that I can’t find my copy of Casino Royale (the box is empty)
85.    the good news minute
86.    the good news minute in RS
87.    the Tyra Banks show
88.    Throwing up
89.    traffic jams
90.    Utah drivers
91.    vampire requests
92.    waiting in line
93.    weird land ladies
94.    werewolf requests
95.    wet bathroom rugs
96.    wet towels
97.    when people don’t close the lid on the toilet (stuff from the shelves WILL fall in)
98.    winter boots
99.    writing papers
100.    yelling


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100 Things Lori-Lynne Hates

From Lori-Lynne –

1.    “freedom fries”
2.    advertisements
3.    alcoholics
4.    ann coulter
5.    Babies
6.    bacon in my vegetables
7.    bad drivers
8.    bakers chocolate
9.    banana bread
10.    blue foods
11.    Born Again Christians
12.    boxing
13.    Business students
14.    censorship
15.    cheerleaders
16.    child predators
17.    Christmas music on the radio before Thanksgiving
18.    clichés
19.    coconut
20.    collard greens
21.    comic books
22.    congealed fruit salads
23.    country music
24.    crappy horror movies that aren’t purposefully crappy
25.    designer brands
26.    domestic violence
27.    emo
28.    euchre
29.    everything being spread out so much that you can’t just walk places
30.    family fights that break out at holiday gatherings
31.    football
32.    football paraphernalia
33.    free market capitalism
34.    French teachers
35.    fruit cakes
36.    glen beck
37.    graphic sexual imagery in media
38.    green bean casserole
39.    Houston
40.    hypochondria
41.    Idaho
42.    insensitive people
43.    ironing
44.    jane austen
45.    large gatherings
46.    manufactured emotion
47.    marshmallows
48.    math
49.    mechanically separated meats
50.    my inability to say no to people
51.    my secret love of fried things
52.    nascar
53.    news tickers
54.    Oklahoma
55.    over sensitive people
56.    Parents of ugly babies who don’t realize their babies are ugly
57.    parking lots
58.    partially hydrogenated anything
59.    people assuming they know what I think because I’m a navy wife
60.    people who aren’t willing to try ethnic foods
61.    people who hate Canadians
62.    people who say they aren’t picky but really are
63.    people who think what other people look like is important or relevant to their lives
64.    people who try and use SAT words casually in conversation but don’t really know what they mean
65.    people who were cool in high school who think that matters now
66.    pepsi
67.    pharmaceutical commercials
68.    phat pants
69.    pills that are supposed to cure everything
70.    places with creepy names like crazy woman creek, wy
71.    pop psychology
72.    pretentious people
73.    rainbow candy canes
74.    reality tv
75.    really all psychology (it’s totally culturally biased!)
76.    reptile enthusiasts
77.    republicans
78.    rush Limbaugh
79.    Scientology
80.    sean hannity
81.    shopping malls
82.    spending money
83.    spinning rims
84.    stoner culture
85.    strongly ingrained gender roles
86.    teething puppies
87.    that my dog doesn’t understand what pointing means… follow what I’m pointing at!!! Ugh…
88.    that petroleum products are in everything!!!
89.    that there needs to be a label for “fair trade” things…shouldn’t everything be traded fairly?
90.    tmz
91.    toby keith
92.    ugg boots
93.    violence in movies/tv
94.    walmart
95.    what can only be described as fundamentalist atheists
96.    when my dog thinks it’s time to get up at three in the morning
97.    whiny chick movies
98.    white castle
99.    world of warcraft
100.    wwe


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This Week’s Frequent Five Hates

1. Animals (also, cruelty to them)
2. Bad/Drunk/Utah Drivers
3. BYU (specifically as it relates to football, housing and politics)
4. Commericals
5. Stupid People

Keep on hating, everyone! – not hating everyone.


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