While we encourage hate, venting, light-heartedness, and discussion (feel free to comment on each list) we do not encourage bigotry or rudeness.

That being said, please send us your list of 100 Things I Hate to hundredsofthingsihate@gmail.com and we’ll post it. Anything that is deemed inappropriate or offensive (and trust us, you would REALLY have to cross the line) will be edited accordingly.

NOTE: If you request anonymity for your list, it will be granted. If you’d like to include a link to your personal blog, that will also be granted.


2 responses to “About

  1. Akua Jackson

    These are SOOOO funny!!! I agree with most of them but…I like some of them so I wonder why you guys would hate them but hey, we all have our opinions!! I’m gonna send my list of things I hate soon (sorry for the weird language of this comment…it’s how I talk)

  2. Horace Elliot

    I wanna send in a list, but I have only one thing I hate.


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