100 Things Shannon Hates

From Shannon –

1. abusers
2. ageists
3. American health insurance
4. anti-Americans
5. bad breath
6. bad smells
7. being out milk
8. being out of ink
9. being sick
10. below 60 degrees (farenheit)
11. big trucks
12. bills
13. bird poop
14. bloody noses
15. BO
16. boring music
17. bruises
18. burning food
19. cleaning a catbox
20. cliffhanger endings
21. cold days
22. commercials
23. dead batteries
24. drool
25. extremists
26. family guy
27. FFA
28. finishing a really good book with no sequel
29. fleas
30. flies
31. gel pens
32. gloaters, braggers, show-offs, etc
33. greasy hair
34. harpsichords
35. headaches
36. horror/slasher films
37. icy streets and sidewalks
38. locks
39. losing things
40. missing out on things
41. mold
42. movies with no character exposition whatsoever
43. movies with no plot
44. new music genre
45. no hot water
46. not being able to think of anything to say
47. not enough electrical outlets
48. nubs, stubs, or any other name for what’s left of limbs
49. pants that are too short
50. patriotism
51. people who are freaky about their cars
52. people who are freaky about their floors
53. people who deface historic, artistic, or otherwise cool things
54. people who leave their cars on when they aren’t in them
55. people who think drugs are awesome
56. people who think anyone who doesn’t use an apple computer is lame
57. PeTA
58. poachers
59. prepared piano
60. racists
61. radio commentators who talk over the music
62. ribbed shirts
63. sanitary napkins (and people who call them that)
64. screaming children
65. screaming in general
66. sexists
67. shirts that are too short
68. skin diseases
69. slipping, tripping, falling, or anything like it
70. slow internet connections
71. slugs
72. smoke
73. snow
74. sore muscles
75. southpark
76. spiders
77. stains
78. static and being shocked
79. stupid speculations
80. super-feminists
81. sweat
82. the fact that newspapers leave ink on your fingers
83. the fact that Pluto is no longer a planet
84. the word/name “Peabody”
85. “these hard economic times”
86. too-fast character expositions in movies made from books
87. too-tight pants
88. “twihards”
89. ugly hairstyles
90. uncooperative hair
91. users
92. vicious rumors
93. vitamins
94. when chapstick wears off too fast
95. when people don’t recycle
96. when people ignore other people
97. when things break
98. winter
99. wiping other people’s tears
100. writer’s block



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8 responses to “100 Things Shannon Hates

  1. fiona

    nice post!

  2. eleanor

    you are very pessimistic about the world in a cruel hateful way.

  3. Anonymous

    One thing I liked about the post was the way it was alphabetically organized!

  4. Merveille

    I agree with most of the things you listed. But I just had to stop at “family guy” I love that show. Even though some episodes can be pretty racist. Smh

  5. Anonymous

    I adore horror and slasher films

  6. Anonymous

    How in the hell does anybody run out of ink?

  7. Anonymous

    i would abuse you shannon, a ruthless beating that you deserve with your cruel and hateful ways

  8. Kylah

    Instead of using giant femenists a better term is femme-nazi lol

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