100 Things Charles Hates

From Charles –

1.    a dirty house
2.    all other brands of shoes other than Saucony
3.    all social networks
4.    anything else on the radio except music
5.    becoming dumber by the day because of the crowd of idiots i work with
6.    being bipolar and untreated
7.    being bored
8.    being considerate of others feeling
9.    Being lied to
10.    Being made fun of behind my back Just do it to my face you bag full of pricks!
11.    being out of school for so long
12.    being so scatter brain
13.    being spoken to by the “motivational friend” whenever you mess up
14.    being such a music elitest
15.    black comedians who make white people and racism the focus of their standup
16.    california girls
17.    Caring so much and not being cared for
18.    cats that shed
19.    chlorine
20.    commercials on the radio
21.    crumbs
22.    driving behind slow people
23.    dry skin
24.    Duke Blue Devils
25.    dust
26.    facebook
27.    getting pulled over for speeding
28.    hair on my chest, not that i am some sort of bohemeth, but that there is hair there
29.    having crushes on girls that i know are too good for me
30.    having so many ambitions and being so distracted to really focus to complete one before starting another
31.    having to be politically correct
32.    having to get oil changes and brake checks often
33.    Kansas Jayhawks
34.    little dogs that don’t shut up
35.    living so far from LA
36.    mtv
37.    my desk
38.    my inability to stay dedicated to one task at a time
39.    myspace
40.    new metal
41.    not being able to dunk
42.    not going home for Christmas
43.    not going to beach when I live five miles from it
44.    not having cable
45.    not having my friends from home here
46.    not having my guitars here
47.    not having sweet tea at my beckoning and call
48.    not seeing a massage therapist
49.    Ohio State Buckeyes
50.    paying for music
51.    people who do not let you merge off of the on-ramp
52.    people who merge directly into you from the on-ramp
53.    people who talk on the cell phone while driving
54.    prejudice
55.    racist
56.    robert howard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
57.    running out of toilet paper
58.    slowly developing a form of ocd
59.    speed limits
60.    spending money
61.    static electricity
62.    stop signs
63.    stuck up people
64.    Styrofoam
65.    sucking at ping pong
66.    swass-think about it
67.    sweating
68.    Tennessee Vols
69.    that crate & barrel is so $@%& expensive
70.    that i can’t just stop writing this now
71.    that i don’t have a sexy butt
72.    that i have actually commited to listing one hundred things i hate
73.    that i have to change clothes every day
74.    that i have to speak in the third person on facebook
75.    that i want a new ipod, 120gb, and don’t have the fundage
76.    that if i don’t watch how much deodorant i use, i will get a rash
77.    that my 30-gb ipod is full
78.    that my back hurts/aches
79.    that my character has and is still becoming weak since some life changes have happened
80.    that my mouse rolling ball gets stuck sometime
81.    that my new friends move away once i start to get “close” to them
82.    that my old friends from my old band don’t bother to call or talk to me
83.    that no one comes over
84.    that Red Sox did not win the World Series
85.    that the word, ass, showed up in my wordsearch puzzle i made to hang on my wall when i didn’t put it there
86.    that there is no where i know of to hunt
87.    that they don’t just perch and shoot whatever tries to cross the border
88.    the constant gan and loss of weight
89.    the military
90.    the number 3.14…
91.    the smell of rotten barley and oats
92.    the words, “like,” and “uhm”
93.    the Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
94.    thinking some woman is too good for me
95.    this list
96.    UCONN Huskies
97.    USC Trojans
98.    walking so fast all the time
99.    when my pen runs out of ink mid word
100.    when the last hour of work decides to take nearly two weeks to finish



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5 responses to “100 Things Charles Hates

  1. possum1027

    How can you hate “California Girls?” Simply ridiculous

  2. So you hate racists but think we should ‘perch and shoot’ anything that crosses the border?
    You sound like an ass.

  3. Anonymous

    You hate the military? The military is the only thing keeping our asses alive.

  4. Rebecca

    This is cute but half of it I don’t understand being from Manchester in England what on Earth you might aswell live in the Uk all them problems would leave since we can’t relate. Sorry I’m 5 years late.

  5. Fakefakefakefakefake

    I think you meant to say “safe drivers” as you state 4 lines lower that you hate being pulled over for just speeding. Don’t be a dick and let others have a safe life.

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