100 Things Michelle Hates

From Michelle –

1.    “Buckaroo”
2.    “look at my family aren’t we perfect” blogs
3.    “Stylish” people who just look silly
4.    Any car maintenance
5.    Avril Lavigne music
6.    Being cold
7.    Bills
8.    Boys that are interested in me when I’m not interested in them
9.    Boys who don’t get when you’re not interested
10.    Boys who say “Let’s still be friends”
11.    Boys who text on dates
12.    Boys who would rather play video games than socialize with girls
13.    Cat scratches
14.    Cold feet
15.    Commericals
16.    Creepy bus people
17.    Crowded malls
18.    Crowds in general
19.    Dealing with my call center
20.    Dirty kitchens
21.    Emo kids
22.    Facebook ads
23.    Fires
24.    Girls with potty mouths
25.    Having nothing to do all day
26.    Having to enter my time each week
27.    Having to shave frequently
28.    Having to shower daily
29.    Having to wake up to an alarm
30.    How broken down my apartment is
31.    How crappy Facebook chat is
32.    How expensive hair products are
33.    How much my rent is
34.    How small my apartment is
35.    Itchy fabric
36.    KTLA news
37.    Losing my bobby pins
38.    Man-dates
39.    Most of Utah
40.    Most plastic dishes
41.    Motorcycles not because of the bike but because they get to drive through traffic
42.    Movies and TV with totally unrealistic love stories
43.    Mushrooms
44.    Needing oil changes
45.    Never feeling full
46.    Not being able to sleep when I need to
47.    Not getting enough sleep
48.    Old ladies that have plastic surgery
49.    Old people trying to seem hip
50.    Once a week every month
51.    People coughing up stuff
52.    People from upper middle class places that think they’re poor
53.    People going slow in the far left lane
54.    People in California who don’t know how to drive in any sort of weather
55.    People thinking I’m pathetic because I’m single
56.    People who are always on their phones
57.    People who don’t break till the last minute
58.    People who recline their chair on airplanes and then don’t sleep
59.    People who start breaking way too early
60.    People who think it’s fun to push on your bruises
61.    People who try to have cyber sex
62.    People with a sense of entitlement that is undeserved
63.    People with too healthy self-esteems
64.    Rain
65.    Random stuff in driving lanes
66.    Right handed desks
67.    Shredded wheat without the frosting
68.    Smoke from fires
69.    Smug married folk
70.    Sneezing
71.    Spiral notebooks
72.    Spoiled rich kids
73.    Stuffing
74.    Stupid dirty jokes
75.    Stupid Facebook groups
76.    Sunburns
77.    That heels look super cute but hurt my feet
78.    That I’m allergic to Jasmine
79.    That SNL isn’t funny anymore
80.    That you can’t put songs from iTunes onto other MP players
81.    The lack of food in my house
82.    The street I live on
83.    Throwing up
84.    TMJ
85.    Traffic
86.    Ulcers
87.    When I spill my Bare Essential makeup on myself
88.    When i step on my surge protector
89.    When my hair-ties break
90.    When people break for no good reason
91.    When people make sick smelling food in my office
92.    When people touch my radio
93.    When showers get cold
94.    When sweatshirts wear out
95.    When the water doesn’t get warm quick enough
96.    When there is no toilet paper left
97.    When there is nothing to wear
98.    When your on a double date and the two guys break into a different language
99.    X-box
100.    Yelling at people



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6 responses to “100 Things Michelle Hates

  1. Can I do one of these?

  2. Anonymous

    U talk about hatin boys too much lesbian

  3. guy

    you hate x-box?

  4. Anonymous

    How could you hate yelling at people?!

  5. Anonymous

    you hate 95% of boys

  6. Anonymous

    I hate girls that roast boys for no reason.

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