100 Things Hillary Hates

From Hillary –

1.    “In memory” groups
2.    allergies
3.    American Idol
4.    Animals
5.    anonymous gifts on Facebook
6.    asthma
7.    awkward comments
8.    being in Utah
9.    bills
10.    bird poop
11.    bugs
12.    busy work
13.    BYU/Utah rivalry
14.    BYUSA
15.    calories
16.    canned green beans
17.    cleaning
18.    cocky RMs who served in Germany
19.    cold
20.    cold showers
21.    combing pinstriped pants with pinstriped shirt
22.    confrontational students
23.    confusing Mormons with FLDS
24.    country songs
25.    death metal
26.    Direct-Buy ads
27.    doing laundry
28.    dollar-euro exchange rate
29.    domestic abuse
30.    driving through northern Nevada
31.    emo/deep/cryptic statuses on Facebook
32.    food poisoning
33.    French
34.    gas futures
35.    Germans who assume that I can’t speak German because I’m American
36.    gold shoes
37.    grading
38.    green patch requests
39.    guys who wear necklaces
40.    having an apartment number
41.    High School Musical
42.    high school romances
43.    Hitler comparisons
44.    homework
45.    how I always get stuff on white shirts
46.    how people glare at me when I don’t stop for the national anthem
47.    ice on my windshield
48.    ice on the sidewalk
49.    inappropriate jokes
50.    jet lag
51.    judgmental people
52.    lame jokes
53.    line out side when it’s cold
54.    long car trips
55.    meetings
56.    mid morning television
57.    Mormon movies- Escape to Zarahemla, honestly?
58.    my ORCA project
59.    myspace
60.    neo-nazis
61.    news in Utah
62.    opening CD cases
63.    overly happy people.  Seriously, mellow out.
64.    people who cross the street at night wearing black
65.    people who cut in line
66.    people who litter
67.    people who think protesting is “un-American”
68.    people who think the earth is hollow
69.    phone calls from creepy guys named “Kelley”
70.    projects
71.    Provo police department
72.    research projects
73.    scraping ice off my windshield
74.    skinny jeans on boys
75.    sleet
76.    snow
77.    spelling
78.    spiders
79.    strange Mormon culture in Utah
80.    students who think they know more about German than I do (it’s 101)
81.    stupid questions
82.    the “people you may know” thing on Facebook
83.    the Disney channel
84.    the fact that I can’t find my copy of Casino Royale (the box is empty)
85.    the good news minute
86.    the good news minute in RS
87.    the Tyra Banks show
88.    Throwing up
89.    traffic jams
90.    Utah drivers
91.    vampire requests
92.    waiting in line
93.    weird land ladies
94.    werewolf requests
95.    wet bathroom rugs
96.    wet towels
97.    when people don’t close the lid on the toilet (stuff from the shelves WILL fall in)
98.    winter boots
99.    writing papers
100.    yelling



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2 responses to “100 Things Hillary Hates

  1. Anonymous

    I feel you on all things related to Utah. But I didn’t see 2 things that I think that you would find irritating that I think you should add.
    101. People who say, “Your ok.” after trying to get around for the last 5 minutes.- Just wanna say, “I know -” I’m ok” Lady, because I politely said excuse me and have waited while patiently untill you realized someone else shops in this store too!)
    102.This need to create 1 line for multipule cash registers. (Only in UTAH!)

  2. eleanor

    you are very hateful towards some of the world’a greatest things. how dare you say that you HATE animals?! animals are some of the most kind creatures this world has to offer, much kinder than YOU. i have never had so much disrespect for another human being in my lifetime. i am appalled by your negativity.

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