100 Things Lori-Lynne Hates

From Lori-Lynne –

1.    “freedom fries”
2.    advertisements
3.    alcoholics
4.    ann coulter
5.    Babies
6.    bacon in my vegetables
7.    bad drivers
8.    bakers chocolate
9.    banana bread
10.    blue foods
11.    Born Again Christians
12.    boxing
13.    Business students
14.    censorship
15.    cheerleaders
16.    child predators
17.    Christmas music on the radio before Thanksgiving
18.    clichés
19.    coconut
20.    collard greens
21.    comic books
22.    congealed fruit salads
23.    country music
24.    crappy horror movies that aren’t purposefully crappy
25.    designer brands
26.    domestic violence
27.    emo
28.    euchre
29.    everything being spread out so much that you can’t just walk places
30.    family fights that break out at holiday gatherings
31.    football
32.    football paraphernalia
33.    free market capitalism
34.    French teachers
35.    fruit cakes
36.    glen beck
37.    graphic sexual imagery in media
38.    green bean casserole
39.    Houston
40.    hypochondria
41.    Idaho
42.    insensitive people
43.    ironing
44.    jane austen
45.    large gatherings
46.    manufactured emotion
47.    marshmallows
48.    math
49.    mechanically separated meats
50.    my inability to say no to people
51.    my secret love of fried things
52.    nascar
53.    news tickers
54.    Oklahoma
55.    over sensitive people
56.    Parents of ugly babies who don’t realize their babies are ugly
57.    parking lots
58.    partially hydrogenated anything
59.    people assuming they know what I think because I’m a navy wife
60.    people who aren’t willing to try ethnic foods
61.    people who hate Canadians
62.    people who say they aren’t picky but really are
63.    people who think what other people look like is important or relevant to their lives
64.    people who try and use SAT words casually in conversation but don’t really know what they mean
65.    people who were cool in high school who think that matters now
66.    pepsi
67.    pharmaceutical commercials
68.    phat pants
69.    pills that are supposed to cure everything
70.    places with creepy names like crazy woman creek, wy
71.    pop psychology
72.    pretentious people
73.    rainbow candy canes
74.    reality tv
75.    really all psychology (it’s totally culturally biased!)
76.    reptile enthusiasts
77.    republicans
78.    rush Limbaugh
79.    Scientology
80.    sean hannity
81.    shopping malls
82.    spending money
83.    spinning rims
84.    stoner culture
85.    strongly ingrained gender roles
86.    teething puppies
87.    that my dog doesn’t understand what pointing means… follow what I’m pointing at!!! Ugh…
88.    that petroleum products are in everything!!!
89.    that there needs to be a label for “fair trade” things…shouldn’t everything be traded fairly?
90.    tmz
91.    toby keith
92.    ugg boots
93.    violence in movies/tv
94.    walmart
95.    what can only be described as fundamentalist atheists
96.    when my dog thinks it’s time to get up at three in the morning
97.    whiny chick movies
98.    white castle
99.    world of warcraft
100.    wwe


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  1. No, that’s not possible.

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