100 Things Megan Hates

From Megan –

1. Addiction
2. Ageism
3. All commercials
4. Announcing at the beginning of your talk in church that you wish you hadn’t been asked to speak
5. Any ridiculous variation of Jingle Bells
6. Awkwardness in movies or on TV
7. Bad drivers
8. Bands that do nothing but scream (boring AND abrasive)
9. Being clumsy
10. Being too tall to buy the cheaper pants
11. Bible-bashing
12. Bobble heads
13. Boiled spinach
14. Burnt toast
15. Capes
16. Car maintenance
17. Christmas music on the radio before Thanksgiving
18. Cleaning house
19. Combining famous peoples’ names when they’re together (i.e. Brangelina)
20. Country songs about making everyone wait behind you while you drive slowly on your tractor
21. Crass humor
22. Cruelty to animals
23. Dirty houses
24. Dry climate
25. Dust
26. Elmo
27. Evil animals
28. Family Guy
29. Flying/driving long distances with small children
30. Food courts
31. Forgetting something important
32. Gladiator sandals with straps up your shin
33. Guilt
34. Habits
35. Hair
36. Hair stylists who think they know better than you
37. Hot pants, microminis and tubetops. Get some real clothes.
38. Imitation coffee
39. Kenny Chesney
40. Kidnappers/murderers/rapists/terrorists/pedophiles
41. Kids who don’t feel like they need to learn anything because the world’s getting dumber all the time
42. Kitsch
43. Lechers
44. Litter on the sides of freeways
45. Long rows of girls with their arms linked
46. Lying
47. Merchandise for High School Musical/Hannah Montana (or Miley Cyrus)/The Jonas Brothers/The Naked Brothers Band/etc.
48. Most bugs
49. Mullets
50. Multi-level marketing companies
51. Music with no apparent tune or rhythm because it’s “deep”
52. No cheesecake chunks in your cheesequake
53. Onions
54. Packaging on new movies or CDs
55. Pens out of ink
56. People who blast rap music in their cars and who are dead serious about it
57. People who feel like they have to be in a romantic relationship at all times
58. People who hate their parents just for the sake of hating their parents
59. Picking up toys
60. Pollution
61. Pretentiousness
62. Profile pictures where the subject is drinking/partying/clubbing/kissing/with 50 friends
63. Pushy sales people
64. Racism
65. Reality TV
66. Ridiculously small dogs
67. Rude people
68. Scene haircuts
69. Sexism
70. Sexual metaphors
71. Shaving
72. Singing through your nose (I mean you, Peter Breinholt)
73. Skin problems
74. Sneaking around in movies or on TV
75. Stains on your clothes
76. Stalkers
77. Stupid books that should never have been published
78. Tabloids
79. Talkative DJs
80. Tantrums
81. Team Edward
82. Team Jacob
83. Telling everyone over and over how generous you are/how hard you’ve had it
84. Terminal illnesses
85. The belief that everyone has a soul mate
86. The news
87. The phrase, “the [insert decade here] are back!”
88. The word “caplocks”
89. Those stupid little tattoos at the small of one’s back
90. Too-small fedoras
91. Ultimatums
92. Unhappy endings
93. War
94. Watermelon flavor
95. When people try to be trendy and then pretend they’re not
96. When you get in line behind the person who wants to price-check every single item they have
97. White jogging shoes
98. Word verification to leave a comment on a blog
99. Work trips
100. Yawning



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2 responses to “100 Things Megan Hates

  1. Adrien

    “Singing through your nose (I mean you, Peter Breinholt)”

    too good.

  2. Megan

    omg, i love this list….i agree with about 85-90 of your items….it’s like you stole my list and put my name on it!

    well played Megan, well played

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